Here at Laiderz we have a large amount of different colors to choose from for the surface and all rubber underlays. It is possible to mix the exact color you might wish for. It is also possible to get your artificial turf in various colors.

At Plug’n Play in Ørestaden we made a Blue and a Purple Basketball court. Plug’n Play also got some Orange “bumps” to ride your bicycles on. Plug’n Play also got a small artificial football field in Yellow.

We have made several artificial turfs football fields in various colors around the world.

Superkilen we made with various colors underlay. Pink, Orange, Red and Bordeaux colors.

Enghave Station got Red artificial turf

Banana Park got Turquoise artificial turf

Kousgaards Plads got Green Artificial turf

Rasmus Nielsens College got a Red basketball court

Baunebjerg School got a Black & Blue “snake” in the school yard

DSB area at Nørrebro got a beautiful Blue coating next to their new big artificial turf field.

These examples is just a small part of the things we made in Denmark.

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